Over the years since the establishment of Stratosphere as a management consulting and advisory firm, we have continued to expand our reach in Africa while providing value-added, tailored consulting services.

Every consultant at Stratosphere provides a consulting service that is tailored to each client, providing company-specific advice to tackle each client's business problem uniquely. No matter how long the process or how difficult the challenge, we deliver solutions that mirror global best practices while considering the cultural and contextual diversity of each business.

We will continue to serve our clients, providing tailor-made strategic solutions across three key verticals: Management Consulting, Innovation, and Social Impact and in the process contribute to shaping and driving business growth across Africa.


Our Vision

Our vision is a thriving Africa powered by ethical and sustainable organizations that create quality jobs and drive GDP growth.

Our Mission

We build people, processes and systems by tailoring proven management concepts and developing new frameworks based on the needs of our clients. We help our clients achieve and sustain a competitive advantage by implementing one management decision at a time while seeking to, in the long term, promote growth and innovation across the African ecosystem.

Our Ethos

We are committed to your growth

We take you and your business on a journey to accelerate your vision and develop your ideas and your dreams into relevant and actionable solutions that work. We bring our range of services, dynamic culture, and experience gleaned from our work across Africa’s industrial spectrum to your organization to problem-solve challenges and develop unique solutions to support your growth.  We also stay in touch with you past the end of our engagement, providing value-added services as required.

We are committed to the African Continent

We are deeply passionate about the development of the African continent, and we believe that businesses are key in the drive to develop Africa. Therefore, at Stratosphere we focus on helping businesses and organizations with the potential to influence and change key levers for growth thrive and scale by providing both excellent advisory services and strong implementation support.

Our Approach

Each project and client situation is unique, however as a starting point our process involves

Listening & Leaning in
Co-developing & prioritizing solution
Mapping out a tactical roadmap
Implementing the customized plan
Learning from & improving the results