Management Consulting

To date, we have completed 60+ projects in 12 African countries. Our consulting services span several functions, industries and geographic areas and our breadth and depth of our experience gives us a unique perspective on various methodologies and resources to deploy to your success.

Management Consulting


  1. Strategy

  2. Organizational Development

  3. Operational Transformation

  4. Project Management

  5. Change Management

  6. Implementation

  7. Financial Analysis

  8. Data Analytics

  1. Due Diligence

  2. Market Research

  3. Business Intelligence

  4. Coaching

  5. Executive Recruitment

  6. Training

  7. Human-centered Design

Management Consulting


  1. Agriculture & Agribusiness

  2. Youth employability

  3. Digital financial services

  1. Textiles & Garments

  2. Insurance

  3. Social enterprises

Management Consulting

Geographic Reach

  1. Ghana

  2. Nigeria

  3. Rwanda

  4. South Africa

  5. Botswana

  6. Sierra Leone

  1. Kenya

  2. Uganda

  3. Zambia

  4. Liberia

  5. Tunisia

  6. Egypt



Innovation is at the heart of every sustainable enterprise. At Stratosphere, we understand the complexity of updating your view and operations in a dynamic world with changing trends and practices. We help organizations and entrepreneurs across:

  1. Pilot Testing and Redesign

  2. Product Development

  3. Business Development

  1. Go-to-market Entry

  2. Fundraising


Social Impact

Having social impact is critical in the delivery of our core services. We believe in making our society a better place one project at a time. Our social impact arm supports NGOs and social enterprises across three verticals; education, health and the environment. We have created services which would enable us to deliver value while contributing to the creation of solutions for social problems.

  1. Not-for-profit and Social Enterprise Strategy Development and Acceleration

  2. Fundraising

  1. Strategic Partnerships